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Who has not received e-mail messages from unknown or undesired senders? This type of mail, commonly referred to as “spam”, may become a real nuisance for e-mail users.
Easy Email Spam Filter provides a way to deter spam through integration with popular e-mail clients. This program works by letting you specify a list of allowed senders as well as a blacklist of banned senders. The interface is easy to use – a welcome wizard will guide you through the first steps to configure your e-mail account at a given client. From then on, the program will check incoming messages and block suspicious e-mail. The main window will show you the list of blocked messages, and then you will be able to decide what to do with them. This means that after visualizing a given message (if necessary), you can keep it or delete it, and block or include the sender in your allowed addresses list. This “white list” can be easily imported from your e-mail client’s address book or you can manually include addresses in it. In a similar way, you can manually add senders to the black list.
Major e-mail service providers have included anti-spam filters. With the development of increasingly “intelligent” filters, the use of e-mail filtering programs is becoming unnecessary. However, you might feel that despite these filters, you are still receiving junk messages. In that case, you can always resort to use of programs like Easy Email Spam Filter.

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  • It is easy to use


  • It may prove unnecessary with the development of increasingly intelligent spam filters by major e-mail service providers
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